Trump Stops Hurricane

Here is one for all you guys just for fun. While scanning around the net I’ve read a bunch of weird stuff. Putting it all together it gets fun, and makes me think are we at war? Let me walk you through some of the different items I’ve seen.

Approximately two weeks ago  I saw on the net where the CIA and NSA  satellites were taken off-line .okay that’s nothing in unto itself.

Next event,  five hurricanes develop  off the African coast.  Oe of these develops into a category four  hurricane that is named Florance.

Then about a week ago  there was an apparent takeover of  six or seven solar observatories .this was done by the federal Bureau of investigation .there was talk of them  reworking the  antenna.

Meanwhile,  flo is still coming across as a cat for  in very warm water the water any Atlantic is  at approximately 85° which is  great for keeping hurricanes going and making them more.

Now sometime during this period there was a reported let’s call it a heartbeat signal  detected that was abnormal  for the normal signals in the earth.

Well, long about Wednesday ,the weatherman said something strange,.  Tey said the eye wall  was reforming.  This is something strange,  I’ve never heard of it before.  Watching all the winds aloft and the ocean temperatures and everything else  I didn’t notice anything strange.  But all of a sudden a category four  hurricane is Daniel category two .strange.  Did our president make a call over to the CIA  and tell them to stop this hurricane ?we may never know.  Just one of the strangeness.

Could we be at war and not know it ?

And as a postscript,  what happened up in Massachusetts?   Was that a hack attack?  reminds me of scenes of Bruce Willis and Die hard 2.

Oh well like I said Mrs. Busby Funk piece putting stuff together  that  on its own means nothing  and put together  means  what ? have fun and enjoy.


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