Dr Ford and her accusation

I have seen a lot of responses to Dr Fords accusations. here is my opinion (not a trained anything, just life)

I am seeing a lot of how there are no real details. my explanation is that, Yes, something may have happened to her in the past, but, it’s not the way she is testifying.  Some Psychobabble here.

You have a traumatic event happen early in your life. you pretty much block it in your conscious mind. Later in life as you “remember” the details of what happened, your mind tries to fill in the blanks. the mind does not like disorder and holes. So it reaches out for any clue as to what it needs to fill in the details. 30 years later, your talking about the incident, you cant recall enough detail to make it right in your mind so you take and fill in the blanks with any clues you can get. you had a date that you got drunk with and he groped you, and you didn’t want to go that far, but because you liked that guy, your mind says no it wasn’t him. at this point you reach out in your subconscious to make it someone you don’t like. then because you can’t remember some other details your mind makes up a story based on your life experiences. You have gone to a lot of parties, and have fantasized about certain things. the mind says,ok, lets use all that to fill in the missing pieces.

So now you have gone from a date grope, to an assault at a party from a figure you would love to destroy. Don’t you love how the mind works? Is this scenario any less plausible than what you have heard from all the testimony and document releases?

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