Outrage over Kashoggi, Why?

I have been reading a lot of stuff here, and one thing that I can not seem to get my mind around is why are we and the media so outraged over Mr Kashoggi’s killing? The MSM is trying to make it like he was a US citizen, from what I have seen, he at best had a visa for the US.

Next we have the fact that Turkey is the one that gave us the info. How much do we trust Turkey? They gave up audio recordings from inside the embassy? What country gives up the fact that they are bugging a foreign embassy? The Video shows him going in the embassy. ok that’s normal stuff, all countries monitor the outside of embassies. I mean how many cameras are out there anyway?.

Then they say they had proof that Kashoggi was murdered, dismembered, and disposed of?

Now we are to be all aghast and take measures that would bring us to war? Over a Non-citizen that the only proof is from Turkey? And to top it off there has been no real independent proof that I know of(ok cia had a report but can we trust them?).

So why do we need to be this outraged? That we would dump our relationship with a country and call for an overthrow of a foreign govt?
What is the end game here? What is the gain for Turkey by promoting this? I think it is time we take a minute, Think, stop reacting emotionally, and try to see the end game and maybe some truth?

Can anyone provide any proof, or truth as to why we need to be so outraged over this supposed action by the Saudi’s? This whole thing just doe not sound right.

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