Cohen sentencing memo

I like others, sat and read the Cohen sentencing memo searching it and came up with this. not much in it. there were lengthy paragraphs about how he defrauded the banks, and the IRS, using his taxi medalians. then they had a section that the only way I could see the President implicated, 1 sentence. that sentence basically meant that the President said can you fix this, or fix this. and cohen, wanting to prove himself more than he was, said ok. cohen then “fixed”it (he thought of himself as a fixer). it does not mention that Trump had any knowledge of where the funds came from. it did say that Cohen was paid about a 1/2 million out of the campaign funds for legal services. and they tried to link the payments to the the legal service payments. They really played up the part of interfering with an election by not letting the public see something.(over played IMO). All in all it looked to me to be written by someone that was pissed they didnt get their way.


I am going to add this thought that I had today –

do you realize what else the Cohen memo showed? It showed a prosecutor that is hell bent on proving something no matter the facts. How? Look at the charges that have been filed so far. Cohen mostly charged with irs and bank fraud. why did the Mueller team look at these kind of things? they did a big dig to find other chargable actions to make cohen testify the way they wanted, and when he didnt or couldnt, they threw him to the wolves and told them, he didnt work out fry him up. This kind of prosecution leads one to think if anything they actually do get on Trump can not be suspect. that the means and methods used to bully the witnesses to testify the way they want are akin to water boarding.This makes the Mueller prosecution illegit.

Go ahead and try to change my mind.

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