Trump’s oval office address

Like so many others, I watched the president address the nation on the border  wall problem. Then I also watched the Democratic response.  then I watched all the news channels  and their attempt at fact checking. I have also been following like most,  a all the drama that has been going.  I come away with the following observations ;

after the president’s speech I have seen from most of the mainstream media  an attempt  to fact check and put down  what he has said ,but all their efforts show that his data was accurate . the best that they could do was to try and qualify the data  to show  his error  if any .

One of their biggest attempts was to say that  the drug seizures were all at border checkpoints .  well , DUHHHH.  Tat is where most of the enforcement is concentrated . there is no way of telling how many cross the border in unprotected areas  and the counts are only from those areas that are protected .

Then in their after the address speech Chuck and Nancy  could only come up with their same old tired talking points .  orange man bad, orange man lie,  wall immoral,  wall ineffective , just the same old same old. they attempted to convince the American public  that Mr. Trump had provided him with no details .  when  in actuality  had provided them with a complete  plan ,  drawn up incooperation with  the people involved ,  law enforcement,  DHS ,. .. .

So what did we see last night?  we saw from the president  a request  to protect the border  and open up the government .we saw the president  saythat the wall is only part of the  solution.  this solution includes  more of everything.  more technology ,more border patrol  personnel, more facilities. Everything the Democrats want.  we also saw , from the Democratic leadership the constant  resist  and we will not do anything you want  even though it helps the nation , routine.

Do not be surprised if all you see today for the news stations  is an attempt  tear down  anything Mr. trump  had said . you’ll also see lots of stories  of how it is affecting  the workers , avoiding any  mention  of  the issues attempting to be  dealt with .  with Chuckies call  for the president to  open up the government and we will  take care of border security later ,  we see that  if that course is taken , border security will never get taken care.  it will just be shoved off to the side  and never  acted on .

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