A thought after NZ on Gun Control

I had a thought or two, just watching and observing.

It appears to me that there is a global effort to rid the free man of weapons. I have no clue by whom, and will not even venture there. From what I have seen over the last few years I have seen the same scenario play out in multiple countries. It typically goes something like, a ?crazy? gunman goes on a shooting spree taking out a bunch of people in some protected or vulnerable group. ex: school kids. And invariably we see a manifesto that is rambling and seems crazy that hits all kinds of talking points. Then with in hours we hear the war cry that typically goes – we must take away that weapon from everyone for the safety of the protected group.

The protected group in the USA was school kids. This tactic appears to have some moderate rate of success. We have seen in the States where multiple states have enacted what may be unconstitutional, bans on guns and accessories.  This has been going on for a number of years.

In New Zealand, we just had the one guy that shot up a mosque, and in doing so has accomplished a couple of things. First we saw the almost immediate war cry from the PM. (at her first presser after) She had called for the banning of guns within 2 hours of the shooting. never mind any investigation or anything. It was almost like it was a reflex.  Along with this expected call may have been yet another benefit for whom ever is coordinating this attack. That being, with all the hate and distrust of one group, it has caused a sudden change in attitude towards that group that makes them now “those poor people”. I will not get into some of the stuff I have seen about that mosque or other things that were going on,  as that would be a distraction from these thoughts.

In London we have seen that due to a small attack with a KNIFE (2 killed 5 injured, if I remember right), where they are now outlawing kitchen knives with out a permit? come on.

I have not put everything together yet, as I am too busy living my life. These are just some simple observations over a number of years. I can, at this time, not provide a solution or the root cause. I will not be like Alice, and go down a rabbit hole in search of answers. For that I leave it up to time and you to explain the 4 w’s and the answer.

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