There are days that I sit here and let my mind wander. This is one of those. Some days those thoughts turn dark and deadly some days not. Whether this is one of those days or not I have no clue. But the thought did come to mind and upon this page will I write it.

The thought came to my mind at this point, as to whether were not we can trust Muslims. we have been told that they are a religion of peace and all. but then there is this. If you are a follower of the prophet you are told that you can lie to the non believer. that you are supposed to convert everyone. that the non believer is worth less than a pig.

so there is that. how are we to trust anything said by a muslim when they are told to lie to us. can we trust that they say they are peaceful?  can we trust that they can follow the constitution?  I don’t know. and if they say they are not a radical, how are we to know they aren’t?

I am not saying that I hate all muslims. I dislike those that have done wrong. but how do I trust even in the slightest with their good book saying to lie to the non believers?

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