Mr. Booker and Reparations

An Open Letter:

Mr Booker;

I write this in answer to your obvious pandering for votes in your call for reparations. Sir it is obvious that you are doing the usual politicians promise,  to promise something you will never be able to deliver. How do I come to this conclusion?

Two things.

First you can not charge a crime for something that was not a crime at the time.  This is what you are doing by saying that we have to pay for a crime that, at the time was not such.

Second, The constitution, which you swore an oath to serve and protect when you were given the job you have, specifically says there can not be reparations.  Yes that is in there.  In the ONLY crime that the constitution defines, and sets the baseline for all other crimes, Treason, specifically says there will be no corruption of blood. Do you know what that means? It means that No one other than the offender can be made to be punished for a crime.

I would advise you to get a copy of the constitution and read it before you call for more unconstitutional laws. I would note that this tack has been tried in almost every election to pander to the black vote, and has failed. The people are generally smarter than you think. Yes it might sound good, but it is not.

In case a hard copy of the Constitution is too much for you to carry, here is the link to the OFFICIAL online constitutional page.

A very dissatisfied resident of NJ.


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