a few rough notes on the Mueller report part 2

I read thru the Mueller report part 2 (didn’t have time for part 1), made some rough notes , well here they are.


talking points for report:

pres asking for loyaty(did this happen or was it just the MSM
pres asking comey not to investigate flynn supposedly
the pres asking comey to say publicly he wasnt under investigation
trump asking his doj people on status of russia investigation
firing comey
the lie about the adoption meeting.
some focus on his russia tower project that never went beyond a letter of intent.
trump saying he could get along well with russia.
dns servers hacked? or as I heard a thumb drive given to wl
disgraces cohen saying that trump said good when the  wl released

the discussion of talking points:
russia saying they were in contact with trump people?
report went on for pages about the flynn thing
Private meeting with comey, about flynn, and there is apparent substantial evidence? wiretaps? what evidence?
why was cohen really afraid to be alone with the president?
there seems to be a lot that depends on “press reports”
trump attempts to get rid of mueller as special council due to previous dealings . mcgahn refuses. and thinks of resigning. however, it appears that after that “order” the president took no actions against Mcgahn. if no action taken was it a direct order? no follow thru for failing to follow an order?

If sessions firing was about his recusal, why didnt the pres accept the letter that was offered. and required a new letter later? theres more behind this than the recusal.

a thought: we all know one of the presidents famous sayings is – your fired – so if all this was happening with his advisors not following thru on orders, was were none of them punished? the report shows one of 2 things, either a lot didnt actually happen? or that the president was not in control of his senior aids and lawyers.

on the june 9 meeting, the presidents efforts to obstruct the release of information appears to be primarily against the press and the public. knowing how the MSM likes to blow things up he wanted to avoid the press doing what it did. the emails were never supposed to see the light of public day. no attempt to withhold from congress or prosecutors evident.
trump moscow tower project, a nothing burger again. a canadate trying to pursue business with no deal in place other than a letter of intent. deal dropped prior to election. nothing.

a thought after reading the whole of vol 2, while there may have been an attempt? at obstruction there was no obstruction due to various factors. and that the evidence of the intent is specious at best in most cases.

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