timing is everything

Well folks, I have been looking at things and it don’t look good for the democrats on this impeachment. you see, Timing is everything.

Lets look at this starting from this past week as an example.

We had that charade of a judicial hearing with the 4 scholars on Tuesday. During which Nadler would not specify if there were going to be any more hearings or what the next step would be. The republicans asked for a minority day.(they wont get one obviously)

On Thursday Pelosi told the judiciary to draw up the articles of impeachment.

On Friday afternoon Nadler announces the Monday meeting to accept the intel committee report and start the articles.

Trump was not due to answer the committee until Friday at 5pm.(which he did).His response was all he could do. He saw that this was a fait accomplis. and that nothing he could say or do would sway them.

Saturday Nadler issues his letter (30 pages) that just had to have been written during the week. in it he gives all kinds of stuff and the possible charges.

on Saturday and sunday the democrats were in conference planning and rehearsing what would go on Monday.

Nadler has scheduled no further witness’s, no further witness hearings, and has scheduled the articles for release on Wednesday.

Nadler on Saturday dumped a load of documents that were requested by the democrats a month ago, leaving them little time to go thru them in time for Monday.  Also on Saturday in that letter, Nadler changed the charges and everything else including how they were going to proceed and what rules were going to be used. He decided to use stuff all the way back to the bad Mueller report. Not just the call and the money.

funny huh?

oh guess what else happens next week? on Monday the fisa report comes out, and wed Barr goes before the committee to talk about it.

Still think this is fair? Still think this was not preplanned? Still think they are not doing this no matter what? Would they be doing this in this fashion if they actually had any evidence? The democrats said they wanted him impeached before CHRISTS mass, well they are doing it even if they get their timing all wrong. How sad for them. One would think after 30 years of doing this they could do it better?


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