the Impeachment that wasn’t???


Well folks, it looks like we have another fine mess going on here.  We are in uncharted territory here. And like all uncharted territory, It is cause for quite the discussion.  At the heart of it is Nancy Pelosi. And the question we have is, Since she did not send the articles to either the President or the Senate, Has the president actually been charged?

Let me start out by a simplistic definition of the word impeachment. Impeachment in the most simple  of terms means to charge someone with a crime.

Now if we were to liken this to a civilian judicial procedure we would go thru this. The grand Jury(the house) votes to charge someone on the charges brought to them. At this point they are not yet indicted. This is the job of the prosecutor. The prosecutor (Nancy) would then formally charge by informing the accused and the court(senate) of the charges.

Now comes the baily wick we are in. The prosecutor has not formally informed the accused nor the judge(senate) of formal charges.(She has not sent them on).

Let us not forget also that this is also a bill from the house (hr 755). Does that add anything to the conversation? If a bill is not passed out of the house, is it still considered done? If the house votes in a bill but the speaker does not like it, does she actually have the power to hold a bill? To in effect, perform a pocket veto? Is she required to send it out of the house within a certain time period? There are more questions than answers. Again uncharted territory. when have you ever heard of a speaker holding a bill that was passed by the house? Interesting fact I found while attempting to research the above. The house can rescind the speakers signature on a bill. But I found nothing so far that tells me a time limit or if the speaker actually has the power to hold a bill. Although most of the reading I did see was to give the speaker only limited powers. In effect, If the house has voted on it she has to forward it. But I can find no corresponding precedents.

So here we are, stuck in the mud, attempting to figure out if it is , or is not.

One thought on “the Impeachment that wasn’t???”

  1. after a lot of reading, I have found NO reference to the speaker holding up a bill that has been voted on.the rules I saw were that after passage the speaker either signs it or not(yes there are rules even on that) the clerk engrosses(prints) the bill and signs it as accurate.the clerk then transmits it to the senate. I can find NO instances of where the speaker held the bill after passage. uncharted territory for sure.

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