Nancy and the articles of Impeachment

Try this for a thought.Nancy is just using the opportunity that was given to her by the lack of time for the process to work. How does this process go? well according to Deschler 24, this is what is supposed to happen: after the house has voted for a bill, the clerk gets the bill and engrosses it (fancy words, means she prints them on fancy blue paper in fancy print), the clerk then takes that bill, checks it and the speaker and the clerk sign the bill attesting to its accuracy, at that point the clerk takes the bill and transmits it to the senate.
now consider this, the vote was taken late at night, and the next day congress closed shop and went home for CHRISTS mass break.
did the clerk have time to do all this? maybe? maybe not. so nancy seeing that there wasn’t time decided she could use this time to try to get what she wants from the senate and make herself look even more powerful.
I can not prove that, that is what is happening. But after looking at things, it is what I think is happening. In any case we shall see by the 8th.

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