What’s Next

It is time for us to get past all this, is he impeached or not, and , is Nancy breaking the  rules stuff. let’s move along to the next thing. The trial phase that we all know is coming. The question I bring to the table is this: would it be better to have a trial or to quickly throw the case out?

If we find insufficient evidence and simply throw the case out after the presentation, what would that do to the nation and the parties and the President? Would that leave the nation as sharply divided as we are now? Probably because the questions the left have would not be answered. The right would rejoice as this would prove that the case had no merit. This would leave the left saying that the trial was a sham. How much would it hurt or help either party? Could the right capitalize on this enough to show that the house did not do their job, and simply were out to get the President at all costs? Could the left capitalize on this saying they had a case and the right is just protecting the President? And what of the people in the streets? If this is the path to be taken, Then I would say that the right should be out there right now showing how bad the case is. That the vote almost has to be bipartisan to calm the masses. these are just some of the questions that are bound to be brought up if we throw out the case.

Now, if we have a trial, what should be the path? should we not allow witness’s from the left as they have made their case with these articles and evidence? We know the left is clamoring to bring in the witness’s that they did not take the time to get in the house. Do we bring in any witness’s for the right? Those that the right may have more questions for? Do we bring in any witness’s for the President? Do we subpoena the President to testify to answer the questions of what he was thinking, or do we simply allow a written statement? I am not sure at this point what good it would do to bring in either of the Biden’s as the only testimony they could provide is background. The rest of the list? Of what good would they prove? Would a trial with acquittal only prove the lawfulness of the house charges?

These and many more questions all need to be asked before we can say what would be the better way to go.

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