Replace Nancy

I have a request for the left in the is not really based on politics, but rather life.

I would ask that you replace Nancy as speaker of the house this is not based on the impeachment or what ever. this is based on the fact that she is 3rd in line for the presidency. I am afraid that if something should happen to the President or VP that she would not be up to the job required.the Presidency has a lot of requirements and stresses. this would be more than normal should we loose both Trump and Pence. the nation would be in a tizzy.I am worried that due to her recent apperances showing a mental deficit and or a physical issue she could not do the job.she has shown us that either she is a drunk or has parkinsons or something and has displayed symptoms of dementia.she has shown us that she can not even handle the job of speaker very well, at least from the podium of the house.she has shown a lack of care for the nation the other day when she told the VP i’ll call him back and then went out to party instead of the bunker.she slurs her words bad.cant keep a train of thought. so much more than I can say in a missive such as this.

I ask, because I would be worried if something bad happened, we would need someone that could do the job.Please, PLEASE replace her.

Thank you

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