Socialist America

I have been very concerned lately, it would appear that the Democratic Party would like to change United States to Soviet Russia. Lately it seems like every bill that they put out is in disobeyance to the Constitution. They started out with minor gun control, they have increased it with more and more control of guns. To the point of almost abolishing guns. No this is not a diatribe about gun control. Then they threw in the ACA and all its restrictions, giving us an unlawful act and forcing us to take it.

Once that failed at the federal level, the states have decided to take up the gauntlet. We now see states like New York New Jersey and enacting such laws on guns, that would take them away. We see states like New Jersey and New York implementing items out of the affordable care act that were deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. We see New York deciding that bail laws are not good so they decide to get rid of them. We see the Democratic Party systematically trying to tear apart everything that makes our nation great. We see them trying to tear apart the First Amendment, with religious freedoms being taken away, or  trying to take away freedom of speech  with such moves as net neutrality and control of social media.

Then we see how they want to tear America apart, by letting just anybody in with their open borders plan. Where an immigrant has more rights than a citizen. Where states have enacted this sanctuary state stuff, that immigration policies cannot be enforced. In US states giving illegal immigrants college degrees for free. Giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. Where some states are enacting laws and  so that illegal immigrants can vote.

Democrats are also calling for a raise to some ridiculous numbers of the minimum wage. While negating the side effects from this call for minimum wage, such as an increase in the price of goods, loss of jobs, a devaluation of the dollar. With every call for any of these  “social programs “, to a person looking it from the outside, it would appear to be the tearing down of American values. Is this really what we want? Is this what we will allow.? Yes we all want better for ourselves and our children, but do we want it at the cost of our country and our future? It is time to look at what is happening and you figure out what we can do, before the next revolution.

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