Art with heart

Alice Singer

My family has a long history of artists with some saying that there is a history of study under Cezanne in Paris.I began drawing at the tender age of 2 so I could show my parents how I felt when my sister died.

As a child I drew to express my feelings and keep in memory things I did in life. I still have many of my early drawings.  all my work until recently has been a natural talent that was self taught. Like most artists,  My talents were not appreciated by my teachers who said I had no talent, or my work was primitive.  Like a lot of artists, my art was an expression of what I could not put in words. Today they call it “art therapy” .

The art I create mirror the life I see before me and includes beach scenes, places where I grew up, and other subjects that are deeply engrained in my thoughts. I try to represent all that I draw with dignity and respect, Thus the slogan that I use “Art with Heart”.

As any artist, my styles are ever changing, and I continue to paint the world that I see around me, or the images I get from stories I am told by those around me.

It is hoped that people may understand the world that I see from the art I am able to create.



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