Election aftermath

As I sit here watching all the news sources such as #cbs #abc #foxnews and facebook  and others, I am saddened by the lack of support they are giving the President-elect. They all seem to be saying what the protestors are, he is not my President. In the past the news had always supported the President-elect, going so far as to praise him for his win.  But not for this one, they continue to try to tear him down and berate him, and diss his policies and choices before he has even taken the office.

I am asking the news media to stand behind the person that has been elected and show these protestors to be what they are, paid thugs/crybabies which ever they may be.

It is time to either get behind the man or get out of the way and let him have a chance to do what he will do.  IF he then does something, that is the point you protest. Not protest just because you lost and are afraid of what might be.  What might be hasn’t happened yet. It is time to get together and stop the hate.